English for Work

Prepare for your career with English for Work - an ESL program. English for Work classes are for for immigrants and refugees, 18 years and older, who want to improve their English so they can get a job and/or enter a college or job training program. Students learn to read, write, speak, and listen in English. Students also prepare for work by learning to set goals, search for a job, write a resume and cover letter, do a job interview, and communicate with supervisors and co-workers.

Call or email Marci Williams (425-250 3007 or marciw@hope-link.org) for more information or to sign up for orientation. Details here.  


Get a high school equivalent credential for work and school with a GED! GED classes are for anyone age 16 and older.  They help students prepare for the math, science, social studies and language arts tests to earn the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Come join our growing list of GED graduates!  Millions of people like you have taken the GED tests to get a better job, continue their education, or fulfill their personal goals.

Call or email Debbie Margolis (425-457-9685 or dmargolis@hope-link.org) for more information or to sign up for orientation.  Details here.