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Duvall Community Van

Duvall Community Van

Hopelink provides trip coordination and promotion for the Duvall Community Van through a contract with King County Metro. This service provides shared rides, either one-time or recurring, to popular destinations and are available throughout the day, evening and on weekends. Trips must be scheduled in advance through a local Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC). To request a seat, or to work with your CTC to propose a new trip, call 425.943.6760 during business hours. Vans are driven by volunteer drivers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Community members travel together to local destinations throughout the day, evening and weekends.
  • Group trips and stops are preplanned ahead of time by a community transportation coordinator (CTC).
  • Riders contact their community transportation coordinator to find a pre-scheduled community van trip or to request a new trip.
  • Trips must have at least two passengers in addition to the volunteer driver. Each rider will pay a Metro one-zone fare for the round trip while the driver travels for free.
  • Riders request a trip through the listed trip contact or CTC.
  • Riders can suggest a trip they know is popular with their friends and neighbors.
  • Accessible community vans are available upon request. Tell the CTC about your needs before your trip.

To become a volunteer driver:

Download, complete, sign, and email your Community Van Driver Application to CommunityVan@hopelink.org. All drivers are vetted through Metro Rideshare Operations. Have questions?–Call 425.943.6760 or email CommunityVan@hopelink.org.

To suggest a trip or join an existing trip:

Ccontact your Duvall CTC by calling 425.943.6760 or emailing CommunityVan@hopelink.org.

Duvall Community Trips

Below is a list of trips that are provided through the Duvall Community Van and other neighbors that would like to rideshare. If you’d like to share the ride for any of these trips, email or call the contact listed.